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Art Inquiry. Recherches sur les ...

Art Inquiry. Recherches sur les arts t. XVI (XXV)


Art Inquiry. Recherches sur les arts t. XVI (XXV)
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Margins and Marginalization
The concepts spelled out in the title Margins and Marginalization usually
carry negative connotations. They are associated with having to live outside
the main current of events, or with the peripheral and thus inessential aspects
of an artwork. Such an understanding assumes a sharp division into major,
central, important elements, and minor or marginal ones. However, the validity
of such division has been questioned by some contemporary theoreticians and
artists. Its arbitrariness and relativist character had been also pointed out in
the past.
The aim of the 2014 volume is to investigate the occurrence of the titular
concepts in the theory and practice of both old and contemporary art. We
wish to examine different conceptualizations of margins and marginalization
and we are open to a broad range of approaches to his topic.

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